Multi Papier Sans Fin also produces cookie bags.
Our cookie bags are available in all known formats such as 1.5-ounce bags, 0.5 lb bags, 1,2,3 and 4-pound bags. You can choose from different materials such as ersatz (grease resistant), white or brown kraft paper and for the luxurious look, ironed kraft paper (high gloss quality).
These bags are also available as window bags. If you choose a window bag, you can decide for yourself how big it is and in what place the window is positioned.
The bags are produced printed or unprinted, featuring up to 6 colours.

Gingerbread bags

Gingerbread bags are one of our specialities. You can easily seal the bags using a special adhesive that is applied to the opening of the bag. The exclusive paper allows the consumer to see the product and helps give your product a luxurious appearance.