Multi Papier Sans Fin produces a lot of packaging for the food industry. To guarantee the safety of foodstuffs, we place high demands on our hygiene practices. We follow the FSSC 22000 quality management system to ensure we maintain the appropriate standards. We also take preventive measures and build in critical control points to ensure the quality of our contribution to the final product. 

Multi Papier is deeply invested in the environment
Multi Papier Sans Finn cares deeply about the health of our environment. The wastewater from our ink is purified via a treatment system. We recycle residual water and use it as rinsing water. And of course, we ensure that our company wastes ink, paper and chemical resources as little as possible. We choose to embrace environmental consciousness as leaders within our industry and profession.

PaperWise products are made from agricultural waste, leaves and stems that are byproducts of the harvesting process. Further to this, PaperWise paper and cardboard is produced by factories in both India and Colombia which are of great importance to the development of the local communities. Investments are made in local education and healthcare, and the manufacturing process focuses on safety, zero waste and preservation of the local ecology. Together with these factories, PaperWise has invested approximately two years of time and energy in the development and manufacturing of paper and cardboard products. We believe it is now high time to bring these products to the European market so that both people and the environment can benefit from these innovations.

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Multi Papier supplies packaging materials to wholesalers and chain stores at home and abroad. Are you interested in our products? Then please feel free to make an appointment and give us a visit.